Regulatory Consulting Services

Regulatory Consulting Services

• Medical Device • In vitro Diagnostics • Cosmetics • Pharmaceuticals


As medical device regulatory affairs professionals, it can be challenging to stay on top of changes happening in our industry. Few people have the time to read lengthy articles these days and although many online newsletters exist, they are often packed with PR releases, ads or unrelated information. That is why we started this blog for RA professionals in the medical device and IVD industry. The idea is to give you short updates on regulatory topics that may be of interest to you. Without manufacturing of medical device we can also sell products within India, they need to be in compliance with India’s minimal medical device regulations. India publishes a list of devices on the basis of the classification that require registration. The registration of these products is regulated under the provisions of

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Book Keeping and Accounting Services

Our expertise Book Keeping and Accounting Services not only manage the cash flow but also help in improving the financial health of your business. It’s doesn’t matter how small or big your business is, we provide our services for all types of entities with same ethic and standard. Our experienced consultants provide their recommendation by using your financial data and information for your day-to-day functioning of business.

 Our services include processing of all the business accounting and admin functions. And provide reports on tips and time to management for corrective action to improve the health of business.  Our deliverables includes pay roll sheet, Govt. dues calculation, books of accounts, general ledger preparation, cash management, monthly or yearly transactions & reports, tax information preparation, financial graph and balance sheet preparation. Bookkeeping services include daily transaction, reconciliation, monthly and yearly closing reports, payroll, and budget maintenance etc.


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Financial Management Services

The efficient and effective management of funds in such way as to achieve the goals of the organization is referred as financial management. This function concerned with top management of the organization. Financial management works on principle of general management like planning, organizing, directing and controlling of the funds or monetary resources of the organization.

Raising funds, effective utilization of these funds for profitability, future planning & development with the help of financial accounting and budgets are the main functions of financial management. Financial management plays an important role in overall development of any organization and controls the all activities of organization. Without proper financial management no organization can run smoothly. It helps in taking all major financial decisions in favor of organization.

AG Consultants is expert in financial management for all kinds of organization as well as individuals. Our team has experienced Chartered Accountants, Lawyers,

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Taxation matters consultancy

AG Consultant is expert in taxation processing and consulting services. We have a team of expert tax consultants, lawyers and advisers who provide right taxation services and consultancy to the clients. Our experts are qualified and experienced from various areas like commerce, law and accounts with excellent academic records.

We are one of the best authentic and reliable taxation consultancies offering end-to-end solutions for various taxation services. We provide our services for taxation matter of Income Tax, VAT, Service Tax, Custom, Excise, TDS Returns, Tax Refunds, and Maintenance of Income Tax Records etc. We also do liasioning with taxation authorities for assessment and appeal matters. To avoid any difficulty during assessment of tax, we advise our clients while business processes about correct tax implementation according to acts, rules and regulation of the Government.

In case you need any assistances or expert advice for taxation matter  or

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Virtual CFO Services

Virtual CFO is specialized service provided by Ag Consultants.  In normal a medium and small size business face difficulties to sustain the hiring of highly qualified and experience financial professional like CFO.  They are depended on normal accountants and other source. Ag consultants is providing a solution through the Virtual CFO’s services.. The work of virtual CFO is just like Chief Financial Officer of a big company. We provide virtual CFO services to the any size of business related to various industries. Our qualified and experienced representatives are appointed by the clients as Virtual CFO for their business with the minimum commitment as commensurate to the size of business. We work with organizations on site or off site as per business requirement and provide all solutions and consultancy like  a CFO. Our representative holds the client’s business card as CFO and attends the all important meeting necessary for performance of scope.

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Business Turnaround Services

The goal of business turnaround is to redesign and redevelop the business in such manner so that business can become more profitable and come in fast track mode for growth.  Since condition of different businesses may be different, therefore AG Consultant follows different approaches for specific business.  Below are few basic steps which we follow for successful turnaround.

  • Review and analysis of current business condition
  • Design and develop the business strategy as per current business situation
  • Communication with employees to know the their views regarding turnaround
  • Meeting with bank and financial institutions for financial investment advice
  • Meeting with customers and suppliers
  • Implementation of new and corrective system and procedures
  • Monitoring, controlling and taking action

AG consultant has experience of business turnaround services with both small and medium types of businesses. In these services we work for value addition by boosting the performance of the business

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Business Back On track Services

As a business owner, you set the goals for your business to achieve and setting goals are required to keep your business moving forward. But in spite of setting goals many business fail to achieve it because of various reasons like wrong / late decision making , economic condition of the business, wrong marketing strategy  , financial indiscipline,  don’t know what to do exactly in next step and many more other reasons. So to keep your business back on track, it is good idea to hire a consultancy firm which can help your business by their expertise knowledge, skills, experience and relationships.

AG Consultant has all features of specialization, skills and team to keep your business back on track. Our experts properly evaluate your business and take innovative actions as per current situation to keep your business back on track again. In business back on track services,

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Internal and System Auditing Services

Internal auditing is also called first-party auditing conducted by auditors who are appointed by the management / organization.  Its purpose is to determine its strengths and weaknesses against its own procedures. Internal audit report is prepared to help the organization to accomplish goal of successful and proficient governance, risk and control processes related with operations objectives, financial and management reporting objectives.

AG Consultant has expertise to design internal control system and providing cost effective internal auditing services. we have  experienced and skilled professionals who provide the  services for Internal audit, system audit , stock audit , vendor audit , legal compliances  review, concurrent audit , revenue audit , forensic fraud checking.  If you have requirement of internal auditing services then please contact Ag Consultants at, we promise you to provide great services with friendly support.

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Business processing Services

From Delhi, Ag Consulting & Holding Pvt Ltd offers you Business Processes Management Services to our customers, allowing them to focus on what really matters. Now a day’s up to date Business processing is very integral part for any business success. Business processing includes Accounting, Book keeping, HR processing, AR processing, AP processing and Banking management, Budgeting and variance analysis.  Ag Consultants is one of the best service providers with professionalism and modern technology. By handling your day to day business process, we give you sufficient time to concentrate on your business growth. Our services are based on high standard business ethics and professional value.

The privilege counseling organization can put your business on the online guide. It isn't sufficient to simply have a site. Your business needs a procedure for making money.Have the two bases secured by including the additional assistance. Cheerful clients will frame the

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Investment Banking Services

AG Consultant is known for quality Investment Banking Services and committed to providethe utmost degree of independent financial consultancy and transaction execution for individual investors and entrepreneurs. It can be hard to make sense of how to make a solid online nearness. Ag Consulting firm offer services that incorporate reinforcing an organization's online nearness and getting the message out. Our approach is research oriented which makes our professionals a pioneering advisor. The team of AG Consultant is able to provide successful services to the all sizes of business of different industries.

 In this manner we arrange the strategic partners, investors, and P.E funds for growth. Our team work for enhancement of business valuation of the clients and support for acquisition, take over, merger- demerger of business, consolidation of business as advisor or virtual CFO. We provide services for negotiations, vetting legal documents, due diligence and structuring of

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