Virtual CFO Services

Virtual CFO is specialized service provided by Ag Consultants.  In normal a medium and small size business face difficulties to sustain the hiring of highly qualified and experience financial professional like CFO.  They are depended on normal accountants and other source. Ag consultants is providing a solution through the Virtual CFO’s services.. The work of virtual CFO is just like Chief Financial Officer of a big company. We provide virtual CFO services to the any size of business related to various industries. Our qualified and experienced representatives are appointed by the clients as Virtual CFO for their business with the minimum commitment as commensurate to the size of business. We work with organizations on site or off site as per business requirement and provide all solutions and consultancy like  a CFO.

Our representative holds the client’s business card as CFO and attends the all important meeting necessary for performance of scope. By using our Virtual CFO services clients carry a high profile person with their business with minimum commitment as commensurate to the size of business and can gain / save a lot with CFO’s professional associations and experience.

Hire our senior and matured finance professional as a Virtual CFO at the cost of finance manager who provide the services like strategizing your business Plan, assisting in execution of business plan, helping in creating budgets and predictive forecasts, fund management, statutory reporting and advisory related to  FDI, taxation, investment, corporate laws, other related matters.

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