Project and Business Financing Services

Finance is a very important vertical of business and without sufficient finance businesses are not step out and perform. Generally the business owner while focusing on the business growth does not understand the definition of long term fund and short term funds requirement and they use the short term source of fund for long term use. In spite of good business and margin they fall in the trap of financial crises. Therefore optimization of funding plays very important role in the success of the business.

AG Consultant is expert in providing project and business financing services and understands that getting your business funded is one of the limiting factors in the growth of your business. In these services we support the clients by drafting the long term / short term business plan and total long term and short term fund requirements. After properly analyzing the current financing

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Human Resources Management Services

AG Consultant is expert in providing human resources management services which not only save the time and money but also brings greater efficiency for the business. With the help of our professional HR management team, we are committed to improve the performance of your business at optimum level.

As a professional human resource management services provider we guide our clients to maintain lawful, appropriate, beneficial human resource policies and procedures. We understand the exact human resources requirement defining job description for the relevant post and profile, arranging resume of the candidates, participate in  selection and interview process and support the clients for selecting the right candidate for right job on the basis of interview, experience and academic as well as professional qualifications.

Since skilled employees are one of the key factors in improving the performance of the company so we ensure that client is getting the

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New Business Registrations and Incorporation Services

Incorporation is a legal person or artificially created legal entity. It is separate from individuals who created and function it.  Incorporation basically is a legal process that is used to form a business entity which is separate from its owner with its own obligation and rights. It is identifying by the use of word ‘Partnership firm, LLP, Limited company or Inc” in their name.

 Before incorporation, you are personally owner of your business and if your business fails because of some reason then your personal assets can be at risk. So it is one of the important advantages to you if you incorporate your business and protect you personal assets in case of business failure. Another advantage of incorporation is it gives a message to the business world that you are serious about your business and want to expand it. After incorporation, your business is governed by

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Green Fields Projects Planning and Management Services

In simple term a green field project is one which is not constrained by the past work.  It doesn’t require alter or pull down an existing structure. The example of Greenfield projects are new business which are built from scratch.

In the fast moving digital world,  the concept of make in India or India start up is prevailing hence new entrepreneur are coming into field and they would like to start new business from thoughts or ideas. Our Green felid project management services are best suit to that business.

AG Consultants helps the client to plan and implement Greenfield projects by maintaining focus on key elements of business and support them to create a sound foundation for development. In recent past, many Greenfield project came into existence in India but only few of them really managed to success to make it large. So to success of

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