Green Fields Projects Planning and Management Services

In simple term a green field project is one which is not constrained by the past work.  It doesn’t require alter or pull down an existing structure. The example of Greenfield projects are new business which are built from scratch.

In the fast moving digital world,  the concept of make in India or India start up is prevailing hence new entrepreneur are coming into field and they would like to start new business from thoughts or ideas. Our Green felid project management services are best suit to that business.

AG Consultants helps the client to plan and implement Greenfield projects by maintaining focus on key elements of business and support them to create a sound foundation for development. In recent past, many Greenfield project came into existence in India but only few of them really managed to success to make it large. So to success of Greenfield project, proper planning and management is very essential.

In Greenfield project planning and management services, we interact with management to absorb their ideas and plan, blue print of business, draft a detailed project report, business plan, and viability analysis and project execution plan.

We execute the project as per plan agreed with management. Our team and associates make project progress report on periodical basis and share with management for their update and feedback. We set the milestones of project and deliver to Management on time.

We take challenge to run the green field project for agreed time frame on mutual agreed terms and conditions.

If you are thinking about set up of Greenfield projects then contact with AG Consultant at, we promise to provide you one of the best planning and management services for your Greenfield project.